Friday, January 27, 2006


So in my pursuit of becoming an indie filmmaker and wanting to incorporate cg elements/creatures into my live action films(and wanting to do all cg films as well), I've come to the realization that there's a lot i will have to learn. I've been working on that and currently i'm trying to improve on my modeling skills since it's kinda weak atm.

I've found a new modeling site, It looks like a pretty good place to get some feedback on my modeling projects from some master modelers like Glen Southern.

I've got some models i want to do before tackling the modeling i'll be doing for my first short film, which i'll post info on soon. I'll have WIPs to show of my models on my site.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Vong Visuals

I've teamed up with my buddy Curtis to create a short film test project and at the same time a work out a sort of online pipeline for future projects. This test will feature a cg creature intergrated into a live action environment. I will be handling the initial creation of the cg creature and Vong(aka Curtis) will be focusing on shooting the live action scenes.

For updates on the short, go to:

I've been Omationized

I guess you know from my last post, I'm now working at Omation Studios, on the film, the Barnyard. I've been there since November 05' working as a Character Finaler.

This is another piece to the puzzle of making movies and attaining the knowledge and experience to make my own films.

You can check out an old trailer here.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back in business

Alright, so my buddy at Omation has his own blog and he's pretty good at adding material and keeping it up to date. You can check it out here:

Cool guy, knows about movies more than I do! So i've been inspired to go back to this blog and work hard on it.

I've got a new web address for my site, to which i will link this blog with and use for news and updates on my pursuit of filmmaking greatness. Or atleast competency ;)